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Macher Matha Diye Dal – Fish Head in Moong Dal

Did you know that dals were virtually unknown in ancient Bengali cuisine? This is one stark difference between the ancient and contemporary foods of Bengal. The superabundant supply of fish, thanks to its terrain meshed with rivers, delayed the use of pulses as a rich...

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Keema Bharey Karela

To be honest! I hated bitter gourd or Karela as we call them in India when I was a child. So bitter! I mean, which school going kid likes Karela or for that matter Parmal, Ghiya, Tori. Yuck! Where these green vegetables are concerned, Mom tried her level best to...

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A general’s daughter and a globetrotter for a husband, I have travelled to both near and far-flung places.

Dipali Bhasin

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