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Black Is the New Orange

Alright! Before you tick me off and say I have got the title all wrong, let me tell you that I am not talking about the American web series but about Mawa Jalebis.

Delhi has innumerable facets and that’s what makes this city mystical and intriguing. Old Delhi has been set in its ways for centuries and historic restaurants like Karim’s and Al Jawahar have become synonymous with Matia Mahal, a street near Jama Masjid. While a dilliwallah can claim that they know all the famous places to eat in Old Delhi, yet every now and then a new eatery creates a buzz that has people flocking to try the new food. Ever since Mohammad Ashfaq opened Sultanji in Matia Mahal one and a half years ago, it has become a rage for its “Black” or Mawa Jalebis. Mumbai has been relishing these dark coils of sweetness for more than a decade now, but for Delhi-ites, it’s still new and attracting crowds.

Mawa jalebi is a speciality from Madhya Pradesh and Burhanpur in M.P.  prides itself on making this perfect sweet. Made in over-sized kadais, fermented battered made of khoya and arrowroot is swirled into hot oil in coils which is the reason why it caramelises and changes its colour to black when fried. They are finally dunked into a kadai filled with sugar syrup and tossed to soak in the sweetness. Since they’re made of khoya it tastes like Gulab Jamun. Sultanji makes sure each bite into these big black jalebi creates special memories.

While Sultanji sells piping hot Gulab Jamuns at Rs 15 per piece and its special Dahi Wada for Rs.50 per plate, it is the Mawa Jalebis- the thick, black, sweet coils of heaven, that is the show stopper and making the headlines. Juicy, succulent, smooth and milky in taste; it’s well worth the effort to go all the way to taste these jalebis. Each bite is sheer bliss!

Location: Sultan Ji Sweets, Shop no 112, Bazar Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid

Timings: 3 pm to 10 pm

Price: Rs 30/100 gms.


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