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Nothing beats the thrill of finding a bargain and if it’s related to making your cozy place a paradisiacal one then, for sure, it gets a thumbs up. The Amar Colony Furniture Market allows you to indulge your obscure tastes. Curio, bric-a-brac, and antique markets are great places to get your kicks. More like a flea market it attracts all sorts of people from all warps of life. Whether you’re a collector, homemaker, interior decorator or design fanatic, antiques and vintage flea markets are great places to find a unique story. If you’re wondering where to go to decorate your house a la British Colonial era style, look no further. Amar Colony Furniture Market is the place.

A peek into the past

What we know today as Amar Colony Furniture market, was five decades back, mainly a row of  Kirana/General stores. In 1964, Chaudhary Dalip Singh shut them down and the market was then called Chaudhary Dalip Singh Khoka market. It was India’s biggest ‘Kabaad’ market. Initially, furniture sold off in auctions from government offices were brought here to be cleaned up and sold off as new. As it started getting popular, furniture from homes and bungalows were dumped here and revamped. Even today the Furniture Market is no fancy complex. A narrow side lane leads to a row of sheds covered by tarpaulin sheets, Despite years of operation, they are not brick and mortar stores. They’re shoddy and cramped.

The thronging place of furniture buyers

Initially, only old furniture was resold after giving it a fresh look. Customers thronged the market to pick up distressed and colonial style furniture at cheap prices and the demand grew. “Today we hardly recycle. We make fresh pieces customized according to the specifications given but with a vintage look. That is because the market is popular for its classic styles.” says Mr. Nemi Chand Kukreja of Kukreja Furniture Store. He has been selling furniture in the market since the start. A little ahead, another congested shed Jolly Furniture keeps only artifacts, fun knick-knacks, and decor pieces. Mr. Jolly earlier supplied furniture to the other stores in the market till three years back he realized that there was a niche for curios. Today, he and his son Ayush sell interesting and quirky decor pieces at the store.

What to expect?

1.The Furniture market has distressed furniture with a washed out look. It specializes in colonial styles and has a wide variety of vintage mirrors, cabinets, and consoles.

2. Coffee tables, desks, wooden benches with tiles fixed, sofas, dining tables and chairs catered to your designs and style are available.

3. I loved the door knobs, the coasters, traditional earthen urns, gramophones, the dial telephones on a stand.

4. Keeping abreast with the changing color preferences of the customers, they have some interesting pieces with a pop of colors.

5. Rajasthani style cabinets, mirrors, doors, chests.

The Amar Colony Furniture Market is my go-to place if you want to change the look of your house in an economical way, but a word of caution. Hone your bargaining skills. You’ll need it.


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