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Birthdays are special days when the world conjures up to make dreams come true. While the day is spent soaking in the laughter and cackles of friends, clinking of glasses at some point during the day seals the concept of Joie de Vivre.This year for my birthday, when the family started planning celebrations, I casually expressed the desire to spend my birthday alone. As if I had thrown my wish to the Universe, among the pile of gifts I received was an all paid staycation at Delhi’s best luxury resort, The Roseate.

The Roseate is a contemporary resort that provides the luxury of modern amenities and technology in a tranquil setting in verdant surroundings of eight acres. Strategically located at the boundary of Delhi – Gurugram and about 4.5 kilometres from Indira Gandhi International Airport the resort prides itself on its award-winning architecture integrated with lush greens. A super smooth drive and a prior request for a car parking ensured that a slot was kept ready for my overnight stay. High domed ceilings and a walk down the curved bend of broad stairs can be intimidating but the warmth of the staff at the reception instantly reassured that the stay would be comfortable and I would be well looked after.

A quick welcome drink, a check in at 2:00 p.m and a courteous receptionist was ready to take me to my room. Twenty feet high larger than life doors, lush indoor and outdoor area, the gigantic Isafahan pillars and the water bodies transport one to another world; all serene and luxurious.  A long alley with rooms on either side offers a garden view or the pool view. As I walked in, I soaked in its luxury. A steam bath and shower area, two separate closets and vanities for him/her, a king-sized bed, a sofa for some chilling and a romantic in-room sunken bathtub complete the luxurious room. Automated functioning with the help of an iPad help in controlling different features like in-room dining, blinds, lights, televisions, the opening of the main door in the comfort of the bed and the Do Not Disturb sign. Barely had I settled in that a message on my mobile informed me about the different activities that were taking place on the premises. There are many activities offered in the hotel. Spa sessions for couples and kids, movie sessions, an anti-gravity cake making class, tea tasting, yoga, Aqua yoga, Botanical Tour of the resort, Cheese, and Olive oil tasting, Segway rides, and plenty of board games.

The sun was still bright so I stayed in and enjoyed the amenities of the plush room. There is always so much to be grateful for. I realized that I hadn’t visited the temple which I make sure I go to every birthday. A while later, I set out to explore the property. A walking track leads the way around the hotel. The main concept of The Roseate is “Nature”. The well-landscaped gardens, foliage encompassed by water bodies and over a thousand trees substantiate it. A small pathway led to what looked like a store. As I approached it, I stopped midway. It was a beautiful temple. The pundit stood there as if expecting me. A bit emotional, I walked in, offered my prayers and joined the Pundit in the aarti. It was surreal. I’ve never seen a temple in hotel premises. The Roseate has one. A perfect place to connect with the One.

The Iah Bar is an architectural marvel with formal cosy interiors. It’s the perfect place to woo a date with the soothing notes of the piano being played in the background. The bar menu has been carefully selected with a host of mixology options, boutique brewed beers and new age wines. The classic drinkers have many options in single malts and cigars too.

The two restaurants in the hotel – Kiyan and Chi Ni make a visit to the property essential, even if one is not a house guest. Chef Lauah Ban brings the concept of liberated art of cooking in Chi Ni where he evolves the Chinese cuisine using the skills, techniques and ingredients found locally. Chi Ni’s initiative is to prepare the classics while giving them a fresh twist. It is open for dinner alone on weekdays and lunch/dinner on weekends.

Kiyan, the World Cuisine Restaurant, cascades from a fine dining brasserie in the morning to a warm table d’hotê luncheon. As the sun sets it becomes a tea time place offering sandwiches, munchies, pizzas and salad while in the glow of the lights when night falls, it promises a fine dining experience. Besides North Indian cuisine the restaurant offers special dishes from European and Thai cuisine. I chose a non-vegetarian Thali to experience the Mughlai fine dining in its entirety. Every dish on the plate was well cooked and soaked in the flavours of the ingredients used. But the dal makhani was outstanding. While Bukhara, in Maurya Sheraton has worn the crown of serving the best dal makhani in Delhi, the one served in the Roseate is not far behind, Creamy, rich, silky and melt in the mouth textures. Chef Nishant Choubey, the Executive Sous Chef of The Roseate, is a name to be reckoned with in the food industry. He has acquainted the world to Indian cuisine with his cook-offs in different countries. ” What’s the secret to dal makhani?” I questioned him later. “Patience! 36 hours of slow cooking without a stir” was his prompt answer. It is true, patience is a virtue of fine cooking too.

The next morning a workout at the glass house gym amidst the greens and a swim at their uniquely designed outdoor pool completed my workout. The Aheli Spa in The Roseate offers some amazing Ayurvedic treatments specific to the clients needs and preferences. This was my final treat before I checked out of the resort. Fitted with a Hammam room and five indoor treatment suites including a couple suite – all attached with their own shower and steam rooms, I chose the Aheli Signature Therapy which has antiseptic, antifungal properties and eases out aches and pains besides helping in removing toxins. The massage progresses from Swedish to aromatherapy then shiatsu and Thai techniques, leaving the body entirely invigorated and uplifted. A relaxing experience with highly trained therapists, Aheli Spa is highly recommended and a perfect escape in the midst of our maddening city.

The Roseate will always remain special to me. Not just for its outstanding services and ambience but also for being embedded as a beautiful memory of a place where I sorted my thoughts, introspected life and rejuvenated myself to tackle the frenzy of the world once again.






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