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It was not long ago that the airport seemed secluded and away from the city. The development of the bedizened Aerocity changed that. It saw the influx of travellers who checked in the hotels because of its proximity to the airport. Its strategic location pulled diners of Delhi, Gurugram and Dwarka who loved its newness and openness. Today the destination is the hub of fine dining and some of the finest hotels in the city.

Contemporary settings with the printouts on the walls screaming “Asian”

When Kylin Experience opened in 2005, it created ripples of interest in the city. Slated as the first Oriental lounge bar it was the place where Delhi’s social circuit thronged to relish an extraordinary dining experience. With the opening of subsequent restaurants – Sartoria, Poison Ivy, Go Kylin, Kylin Express, Kylin Premier, Kylin Sky bar, Wanchai – Saurabh Khanijo, CEO Wegrow Hotel Concept Pvt. Ltd established himself firmly in the restaurant scenario and today has become a name to reckon with. In the slew of restaurants that buzz in Aerocity, Kylin Aerocity is now the 17th restaurant that falls under the umbrella of Welgrow Hotel concepts Pvt. Ltd.

The Restaurant’s Look Book

Comfortable seating outside provides the option of enjoying open-air dining if desired. The spacious inside instantly speaks about a large number of covers that it can cater to. The uber chic bar with Buddha statues placed strategically amidst the rows of finest liquor indicates the zen zone where you shed all your worries and chill out. It also serves as a visual divider to the extra spacious restaurant into two separate areas. Gorgeous faces of Japanese women are an instant indicator that the restaurant serves Pan-Asian food.

A swanky, well stocked bar at Kylin

Chef Lenam, the chef de cuisine, has been instrumental in getting most of the kitchens in action for the brand. A person with passion and humility up his sleeve, he speaks about the different focus points used in different Kylin restaurants. The one meal bowl option in Shophouse by Kylin in One Horizon Centre, a comprehensive organic kitchen menu with an emphasis on fresh farmer’s produce in The Kylin Experience, Greater Kailash and the Pre Platter that caters as a quick meal for corporates who want to have an assortment of food served on one plate – the varying concepts have beautifully moulded to suit the targeted customer.

It’s All In a Bite – Food at Kylin

Though it is not possible to give a justified overview of the food in any restaurant till one has visited it a few times and eaten most of the dishes, there is no undeniable fact that the dim sum and the sushi shine in any Kylin restaurant. These are my favourite dishes at the restaurant:

Crystal Prawn Chestnut Dimsum: Juicy filling ensconced in a translucent skin is flavoursome and moist. When served this delicate Cantonese dish is both a pleasure to the eye and the palate. The use of chestnuts not only adds a crunchy texture but enhances the dumpling with its nutty flavour.

Let’s be crystal clear – We love these prawn chestnut dim sums

Sui mai Prawns: Open the bamboo steamer lid to find these little meat purses all hot and steamy, waiting to be delicately picked up and devoured. These dumplings practically levitate.

Little shrimp pockets of goodness – Sui Mai

Kylin Sushi Boat: Row! Row! Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.

The sushi boat at Kylin

Yep! This huge sushi boat is what dreams are made up of. With its wide assortment of California, Maki and Nigiri, this is the ultimate dream come true for sushi lovers. Your nursery rhyme finally becomes a reality with this one.

Edamame Chilli Garlic: Chilli paste and garlic sauce happily coat the steamed edamame to make an addictive, smack-a-licious snack. Bring the pod to your lips, squeeze the pod between the teeth and let the beans pop out. The chilli-garlic combo coat provides the spunk to this appetizer and takes you to another happy level.

Caramelised Prawn: My love for this crustacean is but evident. Heated on high flame when the prawns are tossed in caramel sauce and fish sauce they get all curled and glazed. Take a bite and the fun begins. The sweetness from the caramel tugs with the salt from the fish sauce and the result is a beautiful balance of flavours before digging into a plump, moist prawn.

The caramel glazed prawns

Balinese Whole Baked Sea Bass with Pineapple Rice: Imagine the fresh island breeze caressing your face in Bali as you chomp the fresh pineapple slices that are sold in street carts. Alright! We are not taking you there but you can get that closest experience with a charred sweet and spicy whole sea bass served with pineapple rice loaded with dry fruits in this restaurant. Trust me, a bite of this will take you back to Bali, the island of Gods.

Balinese sea bass with pineapple rice

Hot Stone Bowls: Read it slow – Wholesome. Healthy. Delicious. Bowl meals. Choose between sticky rice and yellow noodles. Done. Now decide the sauce- Hot Basil/Black pepper/Chilli garlic. Done. Sit back and relax. A hot bowl will soon be placed in front of you replete with the goodness of black and button mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, water chestnuts and your choice of meat if desired. This is comfort food that is full of nutrition. You can feel the internal warn hug as you gulp down every spoonful.

One bowl of health and goodness

Chocolate Mahjong: Eight triangles of chocolate brownie bear the huge weight of two big scoops of ice cream which slowly melt to a creamy, velvety pool over them. A shower of nuts and this is the best mahjong tiles you want to mess with.

Chocolate Mahjong

Date Roll with Ice Cream: Enough said about desserts! Quickly take a pick of the roll before the ice cream melts inside.


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