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It is said that exemplary food is savored in three ways- once in anticipation, the second while experiencing it and third in the recall, when fond memories get attached to the fine dining experience. Masala House enthrals you in all these ways. Talk about the restaurant to a diner who has eaten there and the gleam in his eyes will speak volumes of the superlative food that Masala House serves.

After being in the spotlight and gaining appreciation in New York for his restaurants- Bhatti Indian Grill, Moti Mahal, and Awadh, restaurateur Saurabh Anand opened Masala House more to showcase to friends, family, and diners the food that everyone read about but never had an opportunity to taste in Delhi. Serving Pan Indian food, with special emphasis on Dum Pukht cooking and curries from the coastal regions of our country, Masala House finally opened three years ago in Delhi’s uber-chic area, Sundar Nagar.

The dynamic man behind Masala House – Saurabh Anand

Expansive with polished interiors and elegant settings, the ambiance of the restaurant is as extraordinary as the food it serves. Chef Baldev Singh Negi who is at the helm at the restaurant has worked arduously on recipes and traditional methods of cooking to turn out gorgeous, intensely flavored plates of food.

Formal wooden tables with bright orange chairs add ritz to the restaurant.

The first bits of genius come early in the form of Paratwala Paneer, which is layered cottage cheese delicately marinated in cream and chargrilled. For one who is a hardcore non-vegetarian, I could happily convert into a vegetarian with this sublime appetizer. The Dora Kebab falls daintily on the plate when the silk thread that holds it to the wooden skewer slits the kebab. It is the sophistication of spicing and the complexity in its making that makes Dora Kebab a special creation. The Shahi Tikki made of goat cheese and hung curd, is all soft and tender. The peas and walnuts add texture and make it an appetizer fit for the royalty.

Paratwala Paneer
Dora Kebab

It was the French who perfected the duck confit using the two method preservation process, first by salt curing the meat and then allowing the duck legs to cook in their own rendered fat. Masala House adds its own touch to make the crispy duck leg downright delicious. Cooked in its own juices and using the combination of Amul butter to confit the bird and finally pan searing it in desi ghee, the confit is crisp and perfectly salted. This one is a winner and Chef Negi’s pride.

The crispy duck leg

Another dish from the courtly cuisine is the Nargisi Kofta. Meatballs are made from an unusual combination of mutton mince and maghaz (the brain of a lamb) and are served in a Kashmiri flavored curry. Royally tasty and divine!

Nargisi Kofta

The shimeji khumb makhana is a wondrous dish for vegetarians. Shimeji mushrooms lie scattered on peas piccata with flavored fox nuts and when blended with a yogurt and mushroom puree make it smooth and sublime.

Shimeji Kumbh makhana

End the meal with cream pistachio kulfi, the Gulukand ki phirni or the new addition – Baked yogurt which is absolutely my favorite. Smooth, velvety with little morsels of figs that make the palate super happy.

Baked Yoghurt

Masala House takes Indian cuisine one notch higher with its signature dishes. This is the kind of restaurant that ensures a superlative dining experience for its guests. It provides the perfect setting for families and friends who are looking for a quiet bonding time in contemporary and plush settings. Self-drive gets easier because parking is hardly an issue.

Address:Market 4, New Khanna Market, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Mobile : 099991 21097


Timing: Open from 12 noon-3.30pm (lunch); 7pm-11.30pm (dinner).


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