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As I write this post the world is in a quandary on how to cope with a virus that has shaken every industry on our planet from its roots. We sit cocooned in our homes, twiddling our thumbs, worrying on what tomorrow has in store for us. To pick up a topic that revolves around travel, would then perhaps be a mockery when we are confined within the four walls of our house. Truth be told, no one knows when Coronavirus will finally bid us adieu and life will bounce back to normal.

To participate in the #AtoZChallenge comes at an opportune time when we have no choice except for quarantining ourselves for our own good. Being a hodophile stuck at home, I have taken the last few days to explore places, learn about people and soak in the beauty of the world virtually. It has also given me ample time to read about travel and understand how the expectations differ from person to person when they undertake a journey. Travel has become individualistic. It is a mindful decision with the focus on within. People are taking journeys to garner new experiences rather than adopting the stereotypical format of travel agencies where group tours blanket multiple countries in a span of 13 to 15 days.

Since the last couple of decades, the travel industry has evolved substantially. People have opened doors to welcome travellers to use their homes, words like “wellness” and “medical” have gotten associated with tourism, travellers are holidaying in tree houses in the thickest of forests or wearing their boots, thick jackets and ice axes to capture peaks. Even Mount Everest has not been spared.

Changes in technology, the flexibility of booking holidays, growth of regional airports, a rise in independent travellers, changes in destination, customer profiles, length of stay, a plethora of things to do, political aspects and technological changes have all contributed to the dynamism in the tourism world. Even the dreaded COVID-19 will leave its indelible imprint on the way we travel in the coming months.

The theme reveal of #AtoZChallenge 2020 is: “A WANDERER’S REVOLUTION”- The A-Z Of Travel Trends 2020

For the month of April, a day at a time, I will unravel the different facets of a wanderer’s world. Join me, Dipali Bhasin, as I explore all these revolutionary changes in our travel world.


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