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Chapter VII

Imagine waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping. As you open your eyes you can see the sun’s rays dancing on the rippling waters of the ocean in front of you. You are away from the world and even though you are camped in the midst of nature you’re in no ordinary tent. It is a luxurious one. The room is air-conditioned, with a walk-in closet, a personal bar and has accessibility to the internet and satellite television. You hit the day with a plethora of physical activities like biking, fishing, scuba diving in exquisite, natural surroundings but when you return to your room, there are a gourmet meal and a cosy bed with plush mattress waiting for you. How divine would that be!

Welcome to the world of Glamping! Glamping is adding a generous splash of glamour to camping. It brings in relaxation, comfort and rejuvenation at the end of a day of exploration. It is about ensuring that you need some pampering while mentally you’re all ready to rough it out. Get the whiff?

The world has loved glamping since it offers a way to experience untamed, exotic places of the planet with attention paid to leisure and luxury. It nudges people to venture out more and enjoy “experiential” vacations. The glamping movement is on the rise and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Our Glamping Experience At Kruger National park

Tanda Tula Safari camp
Tanda Tula Camp

While chalking out our trip to South Africa, Kruger National Park was definitely on our mind. After a rewarding jungle safari where we sighted giraffes, rhinos, buffalo, leopard and elephants, we finally had a lion walk next to our car for nearly ten min. Happy with the day we headed back hungry to our lovely camp, Tanda Tula Safari Camp, on the banks of the Nlharalumi river bed. Ruth, our chef had laid out the most amazing meal and all the guests interacted with each other between sips of fine African wine and spoonsful of incredible food. Later, tucked in comfortable beds, we could hear the noise of the winds mixing with the sounds of tree branches being broken by the elephants. The experience of staying at Tanda Tula was akin to Meryl Streep in “Out Of Africa” embodying grounded African elegance with the romance of the wild. We loved it.

Glamping At Pangong Retreat Camp

The Pangong Retreat Camp
The Pangong Retreat Camp

The Pangong Lake in Ladakh left an indelible imprint on my mind. The azure beauty of the lake and the looming mountains around it offer spectacular views. On arrival at The Pangong Retreat, Sam and I quickly checked into our camp. Like the other 25 white canvas bell tents, ours too had a cosy bed with a window that offered bewitching views of nature. A quick scan of the bathroom revealed a western-style toilet, fresh towels and hot water. Happily, I clapped my hands. It was nothing like the “bare-minimum” camp I had envisioned. This was pretty fancy. We left for the lake and walked by its side for a couple of hours, holding hands and soaking in its beauty. Since we were still acclimatising to the altitude, we retired for the night after enjoying a lavish buffet laid out in the common dining room. The Pangong Retreat had all the provisions to pamper a tired traveller. As my eyes grew heavy with sleep, I could hear the fluttering of the tent as the icy cold winds bellowed outside but I slept unfazed, cocooned in the warmth of my bed.

The Pangong Retreat Camp
Our room at The Pangong retreat Camp

India has a plethora of incredible destinations, each offering their own unique advantages. Below are three glamping destinations that must not be missed:

Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp

The Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp
Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp, Jawai Bandh

Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp in Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan is inspired by the granite hills of the region and the charismatic Rabri Tribe. Leopards wander freely and are sighted snoozing in the temples in the vicinity. The experience holds a raw appeal and stirs enough excitement to make Sujan Jawai one of the most luxurious glamping sites in the country. Designed by Anjali and Jaisal Singh, the camp has 10 comfortable modern, canvas tents that come with private decks and pools, allowing most enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The JAWAI experience offers some the most enthralling and unique ways to encounter the wilderness and wildlife and immerse in the local culture of the region. Interactions with the charismatic Rabari herdsmen unfolds a chance to understand the local culture and gain insight into some of their exemplary conservation and community projects. Watch birds like cranes and flamingos or indulge in some hiking, cycling, or just take a stroll through the village – there’s enough to connect with nature.

Tree House Resort, Jaipur

The Tree House Resort, Jaipur
Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Nestled in the picturesque Syari Valley, Tree House Resort, Jaipur is an award-winning property with water bodies and vegetation interlaced with pathways. The soothing sound of waterfalls creates a tranquil ambience. The added advantage of being spread around 300 acres of unspoiled topography makes this a hot destination for glamping. lovers. Luxury treehouses and over-water suites add a unique dimension to innovative hospitality. The property is well spread and you will come across with a variety of birds and the chirping sound of birds will rejuvenate your soul. Wooden gazebos that dot the property make ideal spots for meditation. reading or relaxing with verdant greenery around.

Grassroots At Wayanad

Grassroots at Wayanad
The dining area at Grassroots, Wayanad

Located at the foothills of the Vythiri ranges, Grassroots in Wayanad straddles a lush tea estate and is set on a three-acre slope carpeted by coffee shrubs and Areca palm trees. Amidst the greenery, the Swiss tents at Grassroots are luxurious and elegant. The room is equipped with modern amenities, leathered chairs and wrought iron beds. One can take bicycle rides, bamboo raft riding, bird watching tours, walk to the river or take a village excursion. Or you can be in sync with the laid back town, sitting on your private porch, with a hot cup of coffee in hand and enjoying the verdant views. The choice is yours.


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