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Chapter XIII

Are you ready to catch your flight? Well! How many suitcases did you pack?

One? Two? Did you include that large purse you are carrying as well as the one hand baggage you’re allowed to carry?

Truth be told, if there is one person who can never be a Minimalist traveller in this lifetime, it is me. There is rarely a trip where I have not exploited my entitled baggage to the limit. I have stuffed two swimsuits, three pairs of denim shorts, shirts, T-shirts, dresses. Thrown in the high-heels, the sneakers, the flip-flops, sun-screens and lotions, trinkets and face mask and make-up bag. A sexy beach dress, the hats and a couple of cocktail dresses (Well! you never know when you could bang into Brad Pitt at the resort, right?) And all of this just for a four-day trip to Goa.

Yeah! I can never be a minimalist traveller.

A bagpack

Who Is A Minimalist Traveller?

A minimalist traveller is one who carries only the bare essential with him on his travels. It is about living with less. A minimalist traveller is out to collect experiences and not burden it with more belongings. They are confident and satisfied with what lies in their bag. Have you not seen them walk out of the airports with a small bag or perhaps even a backpack while you stand exasperated, waiting for your humongous bags to arrive at the baggage claim?

How to pack like a Minimalist Traveller?

The way they pack is sensible and well thought out. They are not interested in packing toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoos. They can buy them from any city they travel to. The track pants replace the night suit in their suitcase but the swiss knife with its multifarious uses will be his best friend. Travelling light helps them navigate any destination with ease.

A woman carrying a light bag

“Do I need it?” ” Will I use it?” ” How many times will I need it?” are the questions that determine what gets packed into his bag. They’re practical and can differentiate between what one would like to pack and what in practicality needs to be packed. This way of travelling is actually bold and emanates from his simple day-to-day living. It is a way of living that destresses and bring true joy.

Pack light

Minimalist travellers are not shopping addicts. At any new place, they would rather spend time exploring its nooks and corners rather than wasting precious time in malls making material acquisitions that weigh them down. They associate less physical baggage with less mental baggage and think twice about buying a trinket or even a souvenir on their way out of a place.

Creating a capsule wardrobe with a few pieces that can be worn on any occasion, and ensuring that the mix and match of clothing will make each attire seem fashionable, are some aspects to be kept in mind. They pack more neutrals since they pair well with any colour and opt mainly for wrinkle-free fabrics. If travelling through different climatic zones then, they don’t hesitate to donate as they move on.

Pack only the essentials

Embracing minimalism is a mindset. Such travellers travel light both mentally and physically. There is less to tug along or take care of. Excess physical baggage invariably leads to more mental baggage, which can become a real headache while on the go. Travelling with less helps them embrace new experiences and gather knowledge.

Minimalist travel is about shedding your old self at home in order to embrace new experiences and learnings about a new, better you. This is where packing with minimum baggage — literally and metaphorically — becomes imperative.

Since the mindset of a minimalist traveller is attuned to garnering unique, extraordinary experiences, they must use the freedom of travelling light. They must pursue their passion and fill up their journey with activities that will make them richer. Take time to smell the roses. Watch a butterfly flutter. Jump in the kayak to face some rapids and meet new people. Being a minimalist is an attitude that may be lighter in weight but rich by experience. Revel in leisure and freedom it brings.

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