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Chapter IV

Nude or Prude?

The new buzzword of 2020 is “Nakation”. No! You do not need to head for a dictionary for this one. Nakation is the baby born out of the words “Naked” and “Vacation”. And yes! it means exactly what your mind is thinking right now. With every passing year, travel companies are on the lookout for niche market segments and it is definitely targetting the au naturel lovers.

There is a whole bunch of travellers who are enjoying the “Be who you are” feel. They are unleashing their desires, treading on unchartered waters, ready to take the off-beaten path and try something new. Shedding clothes is liberating and they’re ready to indulge in this holiday choice du jour.

According to a recent article in Forbes, naturist travel solely in the state of Florida generated $4.3 billion dollars. Can you believe it? It is for this reason that there has been a rise in nude resorts and a multitude of activities that a naturist will enjoy. These include skinny dipping, nude hiking, canoeing, bike rides, book clubs and more.

Naked Yoga In India

As a nation, we are a prude lot but in reality, India has always been far ahead of its times. Naked yoga or “Nagna yoga” has been practised by the yogis since ancient times. “Nagna Yoga’ has nothing to do with sex but is a liberating form of yoga where the student learns to let go of their ego, shed inhibitions about their physical appearance and focus on the inner self. Tourists head out to Rishikesh and Goa to dive a little deeper into the intimate terrain of their body, heart and mind. The Bold and Naked Yoga in New York offers co-ed naked vinyasa courses and the classes are registered not just by the New Yorkers but by nudists from all over the world. The nudist is ready to be vulnerable and overcome the complexities related to physical appearance. It seeks the celebration of the human body with its flaws irrespective of its shape and size.

Naked Yoga Or Nagna Yoga

The Only Golf Course For Nudists

An hour’s drive from Bordeaux lies The Residential Estate Naturist of La Jenny. Surrounded by a pine forest and miles of untouched golden sand beach, the resort has twenty-five beautiful chalets and is a haven for the naturist golfer. It is, in fact, the only naturist golf course in the world. Members need to be in the buff before they head out to play on the 6-hole course. At La Jenny, everyone has to honour the fundamental values of naturism and staying dressed is considered a sign of disrespect for those who have chosen au naturel as the way of life.

Nude Cruises

In recent years, nude cruises have become a sought after travel option for naked couples who want to embrace the carefree environment. The vacationers love getting their kit off and step aboard the ship expecting to find more like-minded travellers like them who are there to have fun just like you and your partner. The cruise ships are no different from the regular cruise lines but they come with a clothing-optional voyage.

Nude Beaches

Nudists beach are getting popular all over the world. The Ozran Beach and Butterfly Beach in Goa, Paradise Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka and Marari Beach in Kerala are where the nudists head to in India. Florida, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Germany are all open-minded when it comes to skinny dipping. Spain is the most nude-friendly country on the planet. Not only is It legal if walk around naked, but it is also written into the country’s constitution as an inalienable right.

The Truth About The Naturist

We all carry preconceived notions about naked vacations – that it’s for the liberal-minded, that it’s for the hippies, that it is sexual. But the truth is that those who want to revel in nudist vacations, actually want to shun the deception of fancy clothes, feel less anxious and altogether more comfortable with their own body. It is perhaps one of the most life-affirming experiences you can ever hope to have. The increase in “nakation” indicates that nudism is gradually shedding its taboo reputation. If you’re one who has fancied the idea. Go ahead! But don’t forget to slather some sunscreen and watch off for the sandflies before you get your gear off and run around in the sand.

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