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The ancient Greeks defined the word “Xenial” as a hospitable relationship between a host and a guest, most often from another country. Hospitality has always been an integral part of tourism and it contributes to the attractiveness of a destination for society. 

Listed below are five xenial destinations in the world keeping in mind the ratio of tourist and locals, proximity to the airport, advanced airport systems, overall happiness – quotient at the destination, English proficiency, availability of accommodation and safety of visitors.


I am sure that you won’t be surprised if I start with Greece as one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world. Greece has been the home for the earliest civilizations and it is still known for its philoxenia and benignity. It has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Beauty and hospitality if blended tighter makes a deadly combination for any traveller and the Greek beaches are perfect examples of that. The Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada and Mega Paradise Beach in Mykonos, are located in the Cyclades and the Ionian islands were numbered as the world’s most stunning, safe and Xenial beaches. Visitors can shop too, from mini-markets and tiny shops with local goods to designer stores on the islands.



The Scandinavian capital city of Copenhagen, Denmark has been called the happiest city in the world. Characterised by beautiful parks, charming promenades, canals and waterfronts, Copenhagen also holds the distinction of being the safest tourist-friendly city. Its chill vibe puts visitors at relative ease as they soak up its bewitching sights and cultural treasures. The city is ideal for sauntering through at a leisurely pace. You could also hop on a bike like the locals do to explore the city and its friendly street life. Copenhagen is undoubtedly, the epitome of Scandi cool.

The colourful shore-side homes of Nyhavn, Copenhagen

North Macedonia

It is certain that this beautiful nation is out there to delight you. Tucked between Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, it is full of geographical and cultural wonders, but it is the warmth of its people that makes it stand out and regarded as one the most friendly places of the world. One can enjoy its rich heritage of architecture, sculpture, music, and poetry, attend the many annual festivals in the region and get involved in biking, skiing or scaling beautiful, soaring mountains along with tasting some nutritious food and some nice red wine. Famous sites to explore include Lake Ohrid and the quaint village of Ohrid, which sits on its banks, the vibrant city of Bitola with its outdoor bazaar, with Skopje, the capital city full of dancing fountains.

North Macedonia

New Zealand

Kiwis are warm and friendly to visitors and always embrace them. One of the unique aspects of New Zealand travel is getting to meet its natives. Hospitality in New Zealand is not just an idea, it is a core element of the native Māori community of the region. The Māori Manaakitanga tradition, known colloquially as hospitality, combines Māori culture and enhances the tourist experience in multicultural New Zealand. If you visit New Zealand you are likely to encounter some of the most stunning people in the world on your journey. This is mainly to do with their simple and modest nature. It has a variety of stunning landscapes and an outstanding road network, so just climb onto a car and explore this paradise.

New Zealand
New Zealand


Atithi devo bhava’ meaning guest is a form of god is one of the most significant ideals of Indian society. Local natives go out of the way to welcome travellers in their cities. One would often see foreigners welcomed into houses, marriages, or other social events when they are travelling to India despite having no prior connection with the hosts. Chandigarh undoubtedly is one city that has one of the friendliest local population to outsiders. One of the greenest cities in Asia, the city is well planned, safe for outsiders and traveller friendly which makes it the face of Punjabi hospitality. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore make to the list of destinations that are cosmopolitan with a large section of their own population coming from outside. 

A smiling man from India
Indians are warm and hospitable by nature

Tourism has been the spine of some of these destinations and hence the locals make concerted efforts to always improve their tourism industry through concentrating on consumer loyalty through delivering the best facilities for their guests.

Everyone is dreaming about going to one of these destinations right now, but we cannot. We all know the reason why. But for once, let’s not think about the worldwide pandemic and think of the world once the global storm abates and the virus is out of our lives. I am sure all would want to go carefree on a holiday with their families then. It is for those happy days that we need to plan a trip to these xenial destinations which will be waiting to welcome their visitors with an open heart.

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