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Despite the hurdle of colossal mountains and inhospitable terrains, lucrative trade connections between India, China, Tibet, and Central Asia continued in the ancient times via a network of land routes. Due to their multifarious abilities – to carry heavy loads, withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and to travel for days without water – the Bactrian camels’ made perfect caravan animals. With withering trade, the route closed in the late1950 and as a result, Nubra Valley became home to many abandoned Bactrian camels. With the passage of time and left uncared for, they dwindled down in numbers till the locals of Hunder made them Ladakh’s popular tourist attraction.

Despite being a cold desert, Nubra valley offers stunning views with rugged mountains, apricot orchards and endless skies. In the middle of the valley lies a small hamlet, Hunder. Known for its stunning silver sand dunes, Hunder is also home to the Bactrian camels. Camel safaris attract tourists from all over the world and a sand dune ride is an unforgettable experience. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to enjoy vistas magnifique of a unique topography sitting atop a two-humped camel.

Bactrian Camels – The “beasts of burden”
Camel Safari – One of the things to do in Nubra Valley, Ladakh
An unforgettable experience – Hunder Sand Dune Two-Humped Camel Ride
The shaggy camels with a coat of thick hair are major revenue-earners for the residents of Hunder village
Here I am enjoying the chill breeze on my face and the scenic rugged terrains of Hunder

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