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Book Review: Ultimate Book Of Dining Etiquette And More..

Book: Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette and more…

Author: Parul Kapoor Malhotra

Reviewed By: Dipali Bhasin

Publisher: Self-Published (25 May 2020)

Pages: 65 (E-Book)

Price: Free (till the 30th June)

Language: English

Genre: Non-Fiction

My rating: 3.5/5         

A well researched and comprehensive guide to dining etiquette, Parul Kapoor Malhotra covers every aspect of table room rules and etiquettes. Sitting around a table, many are judged on the basis of their manners. Whether it is placing cutlery and plates for a six-course dinner, correct way to drink wine or topics to avoid on the table, “Ultimate Book Of Dining Etiquette and more…” covers all the aspects of dining room etiquette that invite courtesy, consideration and respect. The book is a part of the Blogchatter eBook Carnival and one can download a copy for free. The 5th season of the carnival sees an amazing array of books of different genres written by 63 budding authors.

About The Author

Parul Kapoor Malhotra is an influencer and content writer. For the last four years, she has been writing regularly at her successful lifestyle blog, “The Trending Diary”. A mother to a beautiful girl, Parul lives in New Delhi with her husband. “Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette and More..” is her first E-Book where she includes the protocols to be followed by both, a guest and host, at home or in a restaurant.

Cover Page and Title

“Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette and more..” has a happy and vibrant cover page that instantly strikes a chord with the reader. However, the author could have used imagery that complements the title more. Also, restricting the title to “The Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette” would give the potential reader an idea about the content of the book. It would make the title short and crisp, easy to remember and enunciate. The use of “..and more” could have been avoided. The sub-title about etiquette, drinks, recipes were enough to convey the contents of the book.

My Review

The book covers most of the table manners one needs to know to feel comfortable while dining out. Whether it is at a friend’s home, at a restaurant, afternoon tea or bar, the author has covered all the necessary information.

How to lay a table for a six-meal course dinner? Covered!

Need to know the topics to avoid around a table? Covered!

The art of closing your plate after dinner? Covered!

How to arrange a breakfast table? Covered!

Want to know the hack to chill wine instantly in a glass? Covered!

Quick and easy recipes for the dinner tonight? Covered!

“Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette and more..” has been well-researched and is an interesting read. The writing style is simple and easy to understand. The author has ensured that all the questions relating to table manners have been blanketed in the E-Book. The recipe section is a special one. Simple recipes with easily available ingredients will provide relief to any host. For the umpteen parties, one has at home but is clueless about the fancy cocktails to offer to guests, Parul has added some amazing cocktails to the book.

This is a good little book! Readable, up-to-date, global in scope and well-illustrated. There are people who like partying and hosting friends, whether at home or in restaurants and inexplicably enjoy the company of others. They should buy the book. For those who want to finetune their knowledge about the protocols involved in table manners, will benefit a lot from it. And the newly-weds will send her a million blessings for teaching them all the courtesies and culinary fare that are required to please guests at their new home.

If there is an aspect that can be improved for an enhanced reading experience, it is editing and systemised formatting. Proper spacing and layout will add to the book design. It is not important to watermark every photo for an E-Book. Photos without watermarks will add to the visual appeal.

The book can be downloaded here for a limited period of time.


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