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Your Muscles Could Be Ageing Faster Than You : Take The Muscle Age Test to find out

Everyone knows ‘that’ day. You know the one. You are somewhere in your 40’s, ready to conquer the world but as soon as you get out of bed or up from that chair you feel a pull in your back or knee that slowly turns into an annoying, frustrating ache. With that ache, you join the millions, if not billions of people with ageing muscles. Till that fateful day in your 40’s, your muscles have been growing larger and stronger every day and could recover quite quickly. 

With every decade after the age of 40 we lose some muscle mass

When we hit our 40’s, the youthful resilience of our body may diminish. We may start to lose muscle mass and function. To check your muscle age, you can take the test here. The findings of the muscle age test in India is the same as anywhere in the world. Even if one is physically active, 3 to 5 percent of muscle loss occurs each decade after the age of 40. We tend to experience weakness and loss of stamina which then starts to interfere with activities in our daily life. Simultaneously, the slowing response of the immune system increases the risk of falling ill, delays healing and leads to a rise in infections. 

For healthy living, the need is to increase immunity, muscle mass and strength through complete nutrition. Our hectic lifestyles and wrong eating habits require something extra to be sure that basic nutritional needs are covered and that’s where the importance of supplements lie. Loaded with nutrients – proteins, calcium, iron and vitamins, Ensure is a scientifically formulated nutrition supplement that is the perfect answer to bridge the gap when nutrition needs are not being met. As fitness enthusiasts, both my husband and I include it in our daily intake. Our daily workout coupled with the balanced macronutrients in Ensure, safeguards both muscle strength as well as boosts our immunity.

Ensure – Building Strength And Immunity

Not only my husband and I, Ensure can help every adult above the age of 40 in the family!

A year ago, while taking her usual walk, a trip and fall had my mother in bed with a fractured leg. The agonising pain coupled by inactivity led to a loss of appetite. The only things she relished were smoothies and soups which we gave her plenty – berry sunrise smoothie made with vanilla Ensure, orange juice, strawberries and blueberries, banana smoothie with bananas and vanilla Ensure and Chicken soup enriched with Ensure.  

Not only did the supplement make them creamy and delicious, it provided all the vital nutrients to support strength and enhanced immunity which is important for my ageing mother. 

From mom to my husband to myself, today, Ensure is an integral part of our lives.

American comedian and actor, George Burns had once rightly said “You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old.” The secret to it lies in #EnsureStrongerInsideOut – for a long, healthy and robust life.

Ensure understands the nutritional needs of young adults and ageing people completely.

Have you started adding Ensure to your daily diet?

#Ensure #EnsureStrongerInsideOut


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