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Solo in Salzburg II: The Birth of Wolfgang Mozart

This is Part II of the ongoing guest post series, Solo in Salzburg. You can read Part I here. Chapter III: Mickey Mozart "Concerning the targets, if it is not too late, please do this for me. A small man with light hair, stooped over, revealing his bare arse. From his...

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Solo In Salzburg : A Travel Tale (Part I)

This is the first ever guest post on my blog. In a 3-part travel series on Salzburg, Karan Bhasin writes about his one day hop over to this city in Austria, Europe that is known for its baroque architecture, Imperial history, and craggy Alpine terrain. Karan is an...

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A general’s daughter and a globetrotter for a husband, I have travelled to both near and far-flung places.

Dipali Bhasin

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